Sonority COUPON CODE How about we go OK folks here we're inside my sonorities dashboard this is straightforward and simple you have three unique tracks here OK you have a voice track a music track and a sound track where we can combine any of this or additionally add another sound impact OK then you have my tracks up here where you can see the tracks you have made or you can look down here and you can likewise check the tracks I've made OK so we should go over voice track well here first we need to give a voice name I'm going to call this demo test OK then we select our language as you can see we have a wide range of dialects here however how about we keep American we can choose the sexual orientation male or female and here we can test how they hear hi I'm one of numerous human-like voices from vibrancy you can make me read a content an article or essentially anything you like I would be glad to be your voice thanks okay folks so that is the way you see your voice alright you can look here and you have bounty more voices OK something similar on the off chance that we change here to mail click on search we're going to have various ones a lot of them OK to browse and the chose one will show up here which is the last one you see OK so I as it was my female voice this will remain here so here you enter the content you need to produce the voice OK so I put hi folks this is a voice sound to test this demo we click on create voice and down here you're going to think that its OK you can review it hi folks this is a voice sound to test this demo and assuming you like it you can download it here good, we're going to return to the dashboard and we're going to choose the music track this is extremely cool folks since you can make the music you need above all else you need to enter the track name

So you need to give it a name here I'm going to call it demo music track and afterward you need to choose the span could be 15 seconds 45 seconds 60 120 or modify it suppose i'm going to put it here five seconds just for this check OK so not to make it too long alright and afterward we select what we need a classification for instance I will put styles and afterward every one of these will come here and more down here so on the off chance that you select for instance sports this progressions OK we should put styles to show you profound for instance and afterward the state of mind dope we click on at this very moment we're going to pay attention to it [Music] OK I did it five seconds recall only for the demo I'm going to close this however you can make it longer in the event that you need OK so now how about we select another so we should skip styles since I like this one and we should and we should pick now hefty or a rmb we'll click here OK and on the off chance that you like it you save it and you can download it later OK created music has been saved amazing now allowed me to show you the last one which is sound track here you have distinctive audio cues and you have a lot of them OK like for instance laser firearm sway here waterway water streaming cutting ocean water traditional wash OK thus numerous others so the possibility of this is that you can converge for instance a music truck that I produced you can put it's anything but a foundation and you can point your voice track here or likewise you can rather than that put an impact for instance OK you simply intuitive OK how about we blend now for this model with this two so we give it a name i'm going to call it demo union and now we go to save sound has been combined OK so now